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Our Story

Rise On began in response to the expressed needs of our community. We wanted to make a difference among those who use substances by facilitating connection to appropriate services. Among the issues we heard among people seeking services, was the lack of empathy and compassion for the people who use drugs or alcohol or struggle with addiction, as well as a lack of understanding among providers of why addictions develop in the first place.

Many clients report that providers are not knowledgeable about addiction and do not treat them with compassion as a result of stigma around substance use. To help people who use substances to better reach their healthcare goals, we need to better connect them with providers who understand the challenges they may be facing. By meeting people where they are at, we can best provide support for what is appropriate for them at that time.

This may mean harm reduction services for a person who is not ready to stop using but wants to reduce risks, or connecting to support services for someone who is in recovery. In making recommendations, it is important for services to be culturally responsive, such as being accessible for someone whose primary language is Spanish or Portuguese or understanding the unique barriers facing LGBTQ+ folks.

Services for people experiencing addiction or seeking harm reduction are limited in MetroWest. People who reside here often need to travel outside of their communities in order to find care.

We can create something that works for our communities. At Rise On, we offer free, anonymous and confidential support to help you on your journey, no matter where you are. When you need us, we will be there.

Our Core Initiatives
Lifting up our communities,
through innovative access to care.

Across three core initiatives—Build a community of support, Access to Care, Harm Reduction & Understanding
—we pair innovative resources with community based outreach to rethink the model of care and provide access to historically marginalized groups.

A Community
of Support

We are building an inclusive
community of support that includes
relationships with towns throughout
MetroWest and providers.

Innovate, Direct
Access to Care

Change can be difficult.
We must be easy to access,
available, and break the mold of
existing access points.


We provide care that is focused on understanding of folks’ needs & harm reduction. We promote healthier options, not judgment.

Our Team

Ismael "Izzy" Rivera

Director of Quality Assurance, JRI Health Division

Larry Day

Program Manager of Peer Support Services, JRI

Group 1327@2x
Raul Ortiz

Manager of IT Networks, JRI

Aron Thiim
Aron Thiim

Program Manager, Infectious Diseases & Prevention

Ismael de Oliveira, RN
Ismael de Oliveira, RN

Infectious Disease Nurse

Gene Hurtado

Harm Reduction Specialist, Mobile Health Coordinator

Christian Laura
Christian Laura

Harm Reduction Specialists

Patti Parker

Nurse Practitioner

Claude Joseph

Manager, HIV Programs

Raymond Rodriguez

LGBTQIA+ Community Coordinator & Advocate

Yairaliz Diaz

Support Team Member

Camilo Rincon
Camilo Rincon

Support Team Member

Iris Anglero
Iris Anglero

Support Team Member