How You Can Help

Whether you are an individual, organization or provider,
we have partnership opportunities that can make a difference:

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Make a One Time Donation

One Time Donation. Ongoing donation. Volunteer – You may also provide volunteer work as a form of donation. Here is a link for volunteers and internship opportunities.

Business & Organizations
Become a Sponsor

Become a sponsor of the application. Enlist their agency in the application.

Towns & Municipalities
Become a Community Partner

● This work cannot be done without your partnership and support
● Example of our partnership with Natick, Framingham, Ashland, Hudson, Marlborough
● When we bring the mobile health van to your communities we want to serve
● Many of them have a Katie type Health Departments
● Has taken a year to nurture a relationship like Natick
● We have forums to discuss the importance of the work. Work with the Town to get topic experts to come in and get Q&A. We provide a forum for people to get a sense of the work, the importance of the work and the impact to the community
● Can decrease infections of viral hepatitis, HIV, etc
● A preventative measure for immune compromised individuals